Theban Journal
Mission Statement

Our mission at Theban is to support the publication of quality scientific papers and editorials for the benefit of authors and readers. We believe that by supporting an open access platform, we can contribute to eliminating paywalls and predatory practices which do not benefit authors, readers or the scientific community. Our primary goal is to support our authors by giving them the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their published works.

Theban Redefines “Open Access”

In the past there have been two types of journals. Traditional publications which are behind paywalls, which only benefit the publisher, and open access journals. Unfortunately, although open access journals have become more readily available, many still imbue predatory practices which do not support authorship. Theban was created by scholars who have come together for the common purpose of changing how authorship works. Theban was created with the idea that authors should have the opportunity to share their passion and be rewarded for it. As a result, Theban is the only Journal that has created grants for scientific researchers based on our unique Theban impact score. We believe that authors which greatly contribute to the scientific literature should be given the opportunity to be rewarded for their publications. As a result, we believe our authors and readers will become better connected, and integrate on a much deeper level.


There are no obligations from readers, which can access all of our publications at any time at no cost, or membership. We believe our readers should be engaged, and encouraged to participate in the scientific process with our authors.

Changing authorship, one publication at a time

The time for paywalls is over. It is clear that the open access model is critical to preventing publishers from taking advantage of authors. Help us build a community that supports authors. Sign up for our newsletter today


Our Authors are the lifeblood of our publications. We have a great respect for authorship, and believe that authors should be supported by their publisher, and not taken advantage of by them. All of our Authors will be listed in our free search database, making it easy for readers to quickly locate past issues and manuscripts. Published works should be free to share, and not be held behind a paywall, or rights disagreements.

The people behind Theban Journals

All of our Editorial staff are hand chosen for their expertise in the respective fields they represent. All of our editors are respected published authors. All of our publications at Theban are therefore placed in a category of high respect.

Dr Ryan Nolan
Editor in Chief

Dr. Nolan graduated from Midwestern University in 2014. His research focus is on the development of novel nanomaterials for use in dentistry. He has published on a wide scope of topics including toxicology, remineralization dynamics, and nanotechnology

Dr. Ryan Nolan

Editor in chief

Dr David Alleman

David S. Alleman, DDS has over 35 years of experience as a general dentist. He is a founding father of biomimetic dentistry and has been instrumental in the development of noninvasive biomimetic dental procedures. He has published multiple landmark scientific papers on reliable and proficient systems for clinical dentistry.

Dr. David Alleman


Dr Davey Alleman

Dr. Alleman attended Roseman University Health Sciences, graduating in 2015. He served for four years in the United states army, and is currently in private practice. Davey is a Biomimetic educator and is proficient in non-invasive biomimetic dental procedures.

Dr. Davey Alleman


Dr Antonello M. Messina

Dr. Antonello M. Messina is a graduate of Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Odontostomatological Sciences, with an experimental thesis on the low level laser therapy (LLLT). Dr. Messina developed an innovative technique for bone regeneration using 3d calcium phosphate scaffolds.

Dr. Antonello M. Messina